13 Week England 2015

August 2 to August 8

This week was not a great week.  It started out as a little hard to swallow and by Wednesday it was apparent that I had something that needed some meds to go away

Andy’s sister and Mum took me to one walk-in clinic and were turned away as there was  a four hour wait for 10 people. ( go figure).  We headed to Sheffield Walk-In clinic where there were only 2 people.  I should get in ..lol   I did see a healthcare nurse who took a look at my throat and said “oh dear that does not look good”.  She gave me antibiotics and within 10 mins I was on my way to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.  2 tablets 4 times a day – yes I guess I did have a throat infection.  I did sleep for the next couple days but started to feel better by the next day.  If it was bad enough that I was not well, Andy woke up with a sore back and had a hard time bending over.  He was slowing moving.

By Friday I was feeling almost myself so I ventured out to the grocery store for a few things as well as picking up my train ticket to London which was for Monday.  Andy was getting better but it was slow go for him.

Saturday we had a meal out at a pub for Pete’s birthday.   So we took it easy the whole day so not to be too tired before we headed out.  Was good to see everyone and have a laugh and a few beverages.

Was a very low key week… I have my fingers crossed that whatever bug I caught has left not to come back.. (fingers crossed).

Until next week … Bug Hugs with Love. xx

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