14 Week England 2015

August 9 to August 15

Feeling much better than last week I make my plans for heading to London.  This  will be a fun train trip as I have not take the train from Sheffield to London and then onto the house by tube.  I was not really worried as I have gotten used to the tube transiting.

Sunday – Was a lax day. Headed to the shops to pick up groceries for the week for Andy and a little something for tea.  We watched a couple movies and I made a lovely supper with hamburgers and potato salad on the menu.  I got my backpack packed and was ready for my Monday afternoon departure.

Monday – It was an early start.  Got up with Andy to say by and then began to ensure I had everything for my week ahead.  Phone and camera charged.  Bills paid.  Liverpool and Blackpool hotels and train tickets booked.  House tidied.  So off I went to walking down Thompson Hill to the bus stop to catch the train at Chapeltown to Sheffield train station where I catch the train to London / St. Pancreas station.

The ride to London seemed quick for a 2 1/2 hrs train ride.  Now that I had purchased a all zone pass so I headed to Victoria station by tube to get my bus ticket for my trip to Bath on Wednesday. I knew that the bus was the cheapest (11 GBP or 22 CAD) at this point.  Once I got the the station I tried to get the same price I found online but it was not coming up so in asking the desk.  I was told that 11 GBP fare was to be purchased online and could be printed off at the station.  As my phone was not co-operating with me I found an internet cafe across the street to book my ticket.  Once my bus ticket was purchased I could walk back to the bus station to print off my ticket for Wednesday to Bath.. That was a bit of an ordeal and 2 hours later I was heading to the house to drop off my bag and meet up with Sarah.    We meet at the Ship and Whale for some cider and chat.  Nice way to end a busy day.

Tuesday – As I slept in a little I decided to check out Windsor and Eton. I headed to the Waterloo station to catch the train to Windsor and maybe see some Royals..  The train ride was a quick 45 mins.  Once I arrived to Windsor it was a little walk from the train station to the castle and the hop on/off bus.  As usual you must to do a City Sighseeing tour to get your bearings.. Was an interesting trip around.  I wandered the old street and shops.  I did not get to see Windsor Castle as there was a long line up and I had a ticket back to London by 530p.    After a couple of hours in Windsor I started to not feel well and decided to head back home early.  I did not want to get sick again before I headed to Bath the next day.  No fun on a bus with a sore throat.   I spent the night watching TV and messaging my Sweetie to see how he was.  I had to pack my backpack again for my overnight trek to Bath.  I had to remember one thing, what i packed I had to carry around with me on Thursday as check out was at 10a and my bus back was at 530p.  Was looking forward to the trip.

Wednesday –  Up early to catch the Jubilee line to Green Park then change to Victoria Line for Victoria train station.  The Victoria Bus station was a 2 block walk down the road.  I got to the bus station with time to spare.  Once on the bus I could relax and check out the scenery to Bath.  The ride was about 2 1/2 hrs.    Once in Bath I wandered around to get my bearings and find an information center.  I could not check into my accommodation for a couple hours so I thought the best way the town was a hop/on hop/off – just had to find a stop and I was good.   I did find the information centre which was next to the Baths and Abbey.  With the hop on/off around the corner I decided to get on and see Bath.  The tour lasted about 1 hr which gave me time to plan out what I was going to do for the rest of the day and next. I was walking passed the Thermae Bath and thought I would see what the wait time was.. I was informed that if I came before 4p I would miss the busy time so  I got myself checked into my accommodation, grabbed my swimming costume and ran back to beat the rush. I had 2 hrs to float or steam with the thermal waters for 32 GBP which I really enjoyed.  Would of been nice if Andy was there to enjoy it as well but he had work 🙁    After my soak I headed back to my accommodation to unpack and see if I had the energy for a little wander.  My accommodation was a dorm style room- single bed, ensuite and shared kitchen.  I really like to set up and would stay here again if heading to Bath again.     With a stroll around Bath I found a grocery store to pick up a few things for tea and sandwiches the next day and back to the room as I was a little tired.   I was also very surprised how fast the sun was setting.. 830p — where did the summer go?

Thursday – Happy Birthday Rob!   As check was at 10 a I had little lazy morning then off to the Fashion Museum.  I took advantage of the hop on bus tour and road it to the Fashion Museum stop as it was starting to rain a little.  Once I got the the museum I enjoyed it emensely.  The fashion history and displays started from the 1800s to 2000s.  Was well worth the visit.

I then marched on to see the Roman Baths which Bath was formed around.  Very interesting to see that the Romans were ahead of their time when it came to engineering and use for the “hot water”.  I even got a personal tour of a section of the bath as there was just me and the guide.  Guess no one reads signs anymore..lol   At the end of the visit there are papers cups and a water fountain set up to drink the water.. and yes I did .. was warm and had a heavy taste to it from the minerals in the water.

Did some wandering into some shops and the Bath Market I got myself back to the bus station for the 530p departure to London.  The ride as a little on the slow side as we hit Bath rush how on the departure.. Getting back into London I head over the Buckingham Palace to give my Aunt Barb a call and take a few pic for her.  By this time it was dark but was only 9p which seemed so odd to me.. I headed over to St. James tube station to get District line to the Westminster station for the Jubilee Line to Canada Water.  Grab the 381 bus for  a 10 min bus ride home.   Was good to take off the boots and put my feet up and watch the new season of Person of Interest.  Yes, Andy got me hooked on it..  With my show over and a warm cup of tea done it was time for bed.

Friday – Today on the agenda was Leadonhall Market ( where they filmed some of Harry Potter) and Carnary Wharf.  I caught the 47 from Bermondsey station and  got off close to the market.   Had a little bit of a wander – was a very cool place but was not what I expected.  There were alot of restaurants and coffee shops instead of markets similar to Borough Market where vendors were selling their wares.   I decided as I was close to a tube station that had an Overland train I would take that to Canary Wharf.  One museum I found interesting was the Dockland Museum.  Great for kids but found the information and displays very interesting.  Bascially it was how Londoners used the docklands to bring in supplies and spices to London from France, Spain, India.  Also how the explorers found other lands and brought what they found back home.  The metropolitan Canary Wharf is an area where shopping, entertainment and restaurants are abundant.  This area reminded me of West Edmonton Mall.   I took alook around and decided to find the Canary Wharf stop for the Thames Clipper to get home to wait for Andy and meet up with some of his old work friends.  I did try hard to find the dock but not no avail I found myself at the South Quay station, took the overland train back to Canary Wharf to catch the Jubilee train to Canada Water and thought I was home.. but not that simple.  When I got to the Canary Wharf station there was an issue on the Jubilee line so service was a little slow and very confusing as the train attendant  had alot of people moving from one train to another.. eventually I did get to the Canada Water station and home.  In the meantime Andy had messaged me directions on how to get to the Hand and Shears pub  where he was meeting his friends.  I took some time to chill before freshing up and head out the door with my new co-ordinates..I had no problem finding the place and did enjoy my mixed berry cidar when I go there.  Had nice visit and headed home for some late night snacks and bed.

There were also some interesting statues at the Wharf as well.

Saturday – a lazy morning but had to take advantage of the time in London.  Andy had a few errands and then he was hitting the books for some study so I decided to head over to Borough Market to take in the smells and sounds of this food market on a Saturday.  After trying a few cheese and meat samples I decided it was time to head out of the market and see some of the street around the market.  I took a little stroll which lead me to London train station and the Shard building.  It is very big and grand.. I had not been to this side of the train station so I took advantage and wandered around.  After I figured out where everything was I decided to head back to the house via Potters Field.  Tourists and Londoners were all out enjoying the day.

By the time I got back it was time for a rest before it was time to head out to meet up with a few of Andy”s dear friends, Ian and Sarah at the Boatman Pub.  This pub is great – great atmosphere and the 3 man band played anything you requested.  If you are so inclined and can sing you are most welcome to do so.  We had a great time chatting and singing along with the band.  Was a great way to end the week.

The week had just flown by and now that I  am feeling alot better (short off a blocked ear).   I am looking forward to see how the tomato and flower plants are doing.   I wonder if the weather is going to warm up a little before the end of next week.. Hope so..

Well hope all is well where ever you are ….. stay cool… until next week..

Big Hugs with Love… xx

Visited all these stations in one day..



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