15 Week England 2015

August 16 to August 22

Sunday – As Andy was needing to study so I decided to give him some peace and quiet and head over the Spitalfield and Petticoat Lane Markets.   I had not visited Spitalfield Market yet so I was curious to see if it was similar to Petticoat Lane Market.. which it was not.  Spitalfield was a market where people sell their crafts or designs as well as quite a few food vendors.  This market is similar to the market at Greenwich.   Petticoat Lane Market is a market a clothing, shoe, purse market – if you need to find a deal for clothes, this is where to go.  I found some new scarfs for a $1 (which was my mission) then headed home to rest.  I used my google maps to find my bus route home.  Must say in a pinch it works great.    Got myself home, packed and chilled while Andy was helping of the neighbours.   We had some lunch and watched a couple movies before heading back to Sheffield.   Was a good weekend shared with friends and a good way for me to end my week in London.


Monday to Wednesday  – yes I have not had too much of an adventure for the last couple days.  I was not feeling “top shelf” Monday so I slept in for a little and had a slow day.  I did do a little gardening, a little planning for Hamburg and Goteburg, and getting the prep work done for keyboard covers. I Also booked some ice hockey tickets to check out the Sheffield team – when in Sheffield it is must to see the Steelers. 🙂   A grocery shop on Wednesday set us up for the week too.

The fall flowers are starting to come through as well as the roses are still blooming (so nice to see the blooms).

Thursday – I was planning another quiet day of putzing when Andy’s sister asked me to lunch.  We headed to Bakewell for lunch and a wander around.  Was a great afternoon and when I go home tea was ready for me.. 🙂  I did finish a keyboard cover and then set my sights to create another one.

Friday – The day was a little cloudy with the sunny breaks which allowed me to get some prunning and garden maintenance done.. well lets day 3 garbage bags full.  Happy Garden. I got a back together for an overnight to London for a birthday party.  Andy and I ended up heading to the Working Men’s Club for a couple beers and a couple rounds of bingo.  No win this time but these is always next time.  😉

Saturday – We headed out around 10 am after a slow start and a little clean around the house in Sheffield.  The drive to London was not too bad – traffic was moving without too many crazy drivers.  When we go London it was a stop at Tesco and then lunch at the house.  After a little rest we started to give the house a good clean.. washing cupboards, moving furniture and washing windows.. yes it was a CLEAN.. lol  In the evening we headed over to the neighbors for the birthday party –  little bit of a late night ( 12M lol).

I have another calm week before the travelling adventure begins again.. and this time with Andy.  Germany, Swedan, Liverpool, Blackpool.  So looking forward to the traveling.  We will be flying to Germany and Swedan ( yah more customs) and train to Liverpool and Blackpool.  But this is also sad as I will only have a month left before my flight back to Canada.. 🙁  .

Has the snow caused mayhem for anyone?? Hope not..

Enjoy your week. – Big hugs with Love.. Take care till next week.. xx


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