16 Week England 2015

August 23 to August 29

Sunday – Was a little slow start to the day but was up for the Sunday gardening show ( BBC Gardeners World).. very helpful.   After brunch we began our clean house project again.  We were also expecting Andy’s brother with his wife and daughter for a couple day stay.  All was clean in a couple of hours so we did have time for a late lunch and a movie before they arrived.  I really do enjoy working on projects with Andy, be it cleaning or building a shelf..   Our company arrived around 6p so we headed back to Sheffield for the week ahead.  We did miss out on the rainstorm that was a head of us – the clouds and rain on the highway indicated that .  Was a chinese takeaway and a movie to end the Sunday.

Monday – a slow morning of paperwork and a little clean around the house and then out to the garden.  You can tell that fall is around the corner.  The days are getting shorter and the sun shines lower in the sky.


Tuesday- same same routine as Monday..  take advantage of the sunshine as rain is forecasted for the next couple days.  The days have been a little windy thus the a storm is on its way.   The garden is coming along nicely, sunflowers blooming, tomatoes are growing.  Looking good.  The nights are cooler now and the sun is setting around 8pm 🙁

Wednesday –  Early start to the day – on a mission to find more material for keyboard covers.  My plan was to head to Barnsley to the market and see if I can locate the same fabric.  Well did not work out that way… I catch the wrong bus….. instead of the 87 to Chapeltown I caught the 85 to downtown Sheffield.. guess I should of been watching to see the route the bus was taking instead of looking at a flyer. lol


Well off I go the the Moors Market in Sheffield.. I did find a notables vendor who had elastic and velcro which I am sure I will need but that was all.  I knew I could catch the train to Barnsley from the Sheffield station so that was my next plan of attack.  As I wander past the University I came upon a record store.. really cool.  The owner new his stuff.. crazy how much vinyl has made a come back and how much certain albums cost based on release dates.. so if anyone has vinyl from way  back when – hang on to it… I saw a Led Zepellin album going for GBP 43.00  CAD 86.00… yup..crazy.

After a little stop I headed for the train station, got my ticket and off to Barnsley I go.. I made it to the market and purchased fabric for more keyboard covers.  Was back home for time to make a wonderful stir fry for Andy and chill with a few episodes of Big Bang Therory.   Time has flown by as today was 2 years of being with my tall handsome Brit. <3.

Thursday – Now armed with fabric I can begin the creation process.  I managed to get one cover done.. the fabric I purchased was more of a vinyl feel to it so it took a little to get used to sewing with it.  I think the end result will be quite nice.  Spent the whole day on this project.  Yes of course with a little check to see how the flowers are.

Friday – Today I put down the fabric and challenged myself to walk to Andy’s Mum’s house.  It is a 3 miles walk which I was looking forward to the challenge.  I put my tunes on and headed out.  The walk was interesting as the cars zoomed by – see pedestrians do not have the right of way, bicyles, cars and horses do..lol.  The road had little hills and narrow walkways and I did manage to get my walk done in 70 mins.  This is with stopping to take pix and wait for traffic.  Will see, maybe I will do the walk again and see if I can improve on the time.

Had a nice visit with Andy’s Mum and sister.  We laughed and had tea.  Andy popped by around 2p as today was his last day of his contract.  We stayed alittle longer and then headed home to get ready for a night out at the Commerical Pub with Pete and Trevor (Andy’s buddy).  The pub was a traditional style pub with inhouse beer and ale. Trevor’s daughter meet up with us and we headed to The Queens.  We had a good night of laughs and dancing.


Saturday – I was off to a Body and Soul Expo with Andy’s Mum, sister and sister in law.  Someone was still in bead with a heavy head..hazzards of a good time.. 😉    At the expo I had reflexology and a reiki, acupressure type treatment.. was very good..The others had a reading done and were happy with the messages they received.  There were alot of crystals and books but did not find anything that said “Buy me”.   Was dropped off at the house as there was a BBQ at Andy’s Mum’s at 4p.  I had time to chill and grab a little rest before I was out the door for the BBQ.  Was a good time there.  Had more laughs with the fam and even showed them how to Indian wrestle.  If you dont know what it is I can show you when I am back in Canada.. 🙂  Andy and I did not stay too late – left around 7p to watch a movie and chill.  Looking forward to Sunday as I bought tickets for the Sheffield Steelers hockey game.  I was told it is a different atmosphere…


Well this week has been a little of a quiet one.  That is ok as the next couple weeks it will be busy again with a little travelling we have planned.

The next couple weeks of blog might be delayed as I will be travelling but no fear as I am sure I will have stories to tell when I get back..lol

I cant believe that 3 months have gone by so quickly and there is so much still to here see but I am sure if I reflect back on my blog I have done alot.

Hope everyone has had a great summer and is getting ready for fall, my favorite time of year.

Take care – Big hugs with Love.. !



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