17 Week England 2015

August 30 to September 05

Sunday – Go Stellers Go..

Today is Hockey day. Looking forward to sharing a good hockey with the Fam.

The day was the usual lazy day with watching a movie or two and catching up on missed episodes of Big Bang, then it was time to get ready for the hockey game.  After Andy and I got ready we headed over to his Mum’s place to pick up Debs, Pete, and Chris to head to the Steeler game.  Once we got there the atmosphere was intersting.  The Steeler colors are orange and black – everyone was wearing them.. The seats I got were close to the ice.  There was alot of excitement and the fans participate with any cheering or banner waving..very different to some Canadian hockey teams..lol  The Steelers did lose 1-3, guess it is better luck next time..  Was a good night..

Monday – Bank Holiday – UK

With this being a holiday, it was a quite day.  It was also time to start some keyboard covers.  The prep work is always takes the most time so that was my Monday.. lol

Tuesday – Today is spent with a little garden session to make sure that I get the most out of the flowers.  The rest of the day I spent getting the finishing touches done on the first of the keyboard covers and more to come.. ;).  As we will be off to Germany and Swedan on the weekend it is also a packing evening as it will be an early start on Wednesday to London where we leave from Heathrow airport.

Wednesday –  7AM heading out to London so that we are in London after the morning rush and before the afternoon traffic jams.  There was also a little tub maintenance that we have to check on.  Not sure if it will be a big or little fix.

Thursday – Hamburg here we come..   We were out the door by 930am to get the bus to Canada Water tube station to catch the Jubilee Line to Westminster station then district line to  Paddington Station.  From there we caught the Heathrow Express to Terminal 5 to catch our British airways flight to Hamburg.. Up up and away.

I was not sure what was going to happen when I got to customs but I had all my paper just incase.. Once I got to the customs officier- he scanned my passport and asked me if it was my first time in Germany, why was I there and how many days I was in the country.  After looking at me a couple of mins and looking at his computer screen, the officer stamped my passport and welcomed me into the country.  Germany stamp – yah!

Once we got to Hamburg was catch the S-7 Bahn to Reeperban station to get to our hotel, ZZZleep.  very nice room – basic and what we needed..  We got settled in and head to wander around to get our bearings.  As we were wandering around we found a beer garden with food vans around them – almost like taste of Edmonton.  We had a few beers and enjoyed the singer.

It was a good night – boy the beer in Hamburg packs a punch..lol.  Had some beers and we sleeping by 10p..a long day.

Friday – A great breakie was had at the hotel before we headed out to check out Hamburg by day.  We took a cruise tour of the Hamburg harbour.  One of the main harbors for Germany – there were several large cargo ships being off loaded of their cargo train cars… one ship I counted 5 across and 10 high.. insane.

After an hour on the boat  we decided to take a Hop On/Hop Off bus to see some of the areas in Hamburg.  There is alot to see in Hamburg = there are alot of parks with lakes to walk around as well as shopping areas.  No – I did not do too much shopping as the Euro was quite high.  🙁  After the the bus tour we headed back to the hotel for a little rest and then a few bevies before getting packed again and for our flight to Gothenburg.   With it being Friday night we had to see the atmosphere of Hamburg.  We let me tell you, you definately know it is a weekend..  We were outside the area of St. Pauli – very different but was safe.   I do have pix of this area but I am unable to upload them – make sure to ask me to see them when I am in Canada… lol  This is also the area that the Beatles played in before they made it big.    The London Pub was a our pub of choice for a few beer before heading to bed.   Thanks Hamburg for the great time..

Saturday – Early wake up 5a – we had a nice little breakie and caught the train to Hamburg airport for our 930am flight to Swedan.  This flight will be a short 1.5 hrs and another customs check..  The flight was good and a sunny one –

The trip to Swedan should be interesting as it is expensive here.  Time will see how much things are here..  Customs was non existant… I just got off the plane, got our bag and looked for the airport bus.

We caught the airport bus to our hotel and had to do a little walk to the hotel. The hotel was not ready for us so we left our luggage and did a wander for a pint and some grub.  The weather however was not great and was raining.. Thank goodness we knew  to bring raincoats,

We found a little pub to get an order of fish and chips and a beer each this took up the time we had to wait for our room.  At 3p we headed over to check in, drop our bags off and do the tourist thing..lol.   Andy’s friend Martin lived outside Gothenburg so we headed out on the train to meet up with him and see his new place.  We had a good visit and then headed back into town to see the harbour, the ships and what was around the area. With an hour stroll and a few beers we headed back to enjoy the boutique style room.  A little TV (which was English language with Swedish subtitles.  Was cool compared to Gemany- no English stations) and then sleep.


The week has been a travelling one .. Now that Andy’s contract is done we can do a little travelling before I depart at the end of the month.

Hamburg is a great party place  — Kim C – you would totally love this place..lol 🙂  will explain when I see you.


Well I am sure the fall is happening and the color are just starting.  Not evident here yet that it is fall but I am sure it is coming.


Take care – Big hugs with Love !