18 Week England 2015

September 06 to September 12

Sunday – It was an early start, downstairs for Breakie and off to find our tram stop to catch a ferry to Donso island.  We will hike around a little and see what it is like before coming back to Gothenburg to meet up with Martin and his family.

We found a few little things along our walk to the tram station.

Once we caught the ferry it was a 10 min ride to the island.  It is very hilly and very scenic.  One thing we found interesting is that there were people driving by on pedal bikes, golf carts for motorized bikes with baskets.. I did not know till later that the island allows very few vehicles for environmental reasons, of course.

The walk around the island was about an hours but then waiting for the ferry was another 30 mins so by the time we got back it was around 2p… We meet with Martin and had a great lunch at this quaint cafe.  With a little wander through the park on the way back to our hotel our hosts said goodbye and wished us safe travels.

The rest of the day was a little more wandering then with a beverage in hand we chilled at a little outside patio area with couches and wickers chairs. Very relaxing.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel.  We decided to have night in with some savoury kalzones from 7-11.


Who knew that 7-11 had baskets…lol We enjoyed an English movie before lights out and alarm set for a 5am start.

Monday – 6am breakie and then airport. The airport bus was packed by the final stop.  We were a little early for our check in so we people watched till our desk opened.  Was the same at each airport – check-in, go through security, take belt off, shoes off,, walk through scanner , opps I go off -take off my watch- rescan, all good..lol

I got a few little things at the airport for souvenirs and was ready to go through passport control when I was told to wait till an hour before the flight left.  That was interesting as Andy had already gone through.  I asked why and the Customs office said she thought he was going to Stanford, not sure why..but I had to bring him back to sit and wait with me.

We found out later that once the flight before us left to Frankfurt, the airport closes a couple doors and creates a bigger waiting room.  This was for the London flight we were on.  So we had to leave where we sitting and go through the Customs point to sit where we were originally were sitting.. I go my passport stamped anyways and back to London we went.

Once we landed in London it was customs time.. Andy was in the EU line up and I was in the Non-EU line up.  With all the flights coming in the line ups took forever.  I saw people being put in a certain area and having their documents checked.  After about 45 mins I finally got to the Customs offices.  Well I was prepared this time, I had all my papers ready to hand over.  The important letter was the one from work.  The Customs office was very nice and did ask the usual questions.. How long were you away, what did you do, why do you have the Germany stamp, when did you come to England, why so long, what did you do, when are you leaving?  Yes I got it all.. and with my letter from work and return ticket to Canada the officer was happy and stamped my passport.  She also complimented me by saying it was nice not to have to ask the papers which she normally does..

Once I was through I was off to find Andy and get on the Heathrow Express back to Paddington for our tube ride to home.  Andy had a few calls to make so I ventured over the the grocery store to get a few things for tea.  We ate and started to work on the tub issue.  With tools out we went to work on the tub and sort out that there was a leak behind the taps.  We did all we could do for the day and chilled.  Was an early night as we had a busy day.

Tuesday – Was a leisure morning before jumping back into the tub project.  There was a few things we needed to get get at the B&Q and bathroom place.  We did get the tub cleaned up and sealed up.  The water test was going to happen the next time we came up to London.    Later that night we headed out for a meal with Ian and Sarah – Thai food – yum.  We had a good night.  Off on the 381 bus home we went.

Wednesday – Was going to be a little later start back to Sheffield as we wanted to make sure that we had the tub project good to go for next time.  Was a little clean up and off to Sheffield we went.  The 3 hours drive was not too back – not too may accidents.  We ordered some Chinese take away, unpacked, and then repacked for our train departure to Liverpool and Blackpool.   The alarm was not set too early as our train left Sheffield station at 1140a.

Thursday – Liverpool here we come.   The wait for the train was not too bad as we grabbed some food when we got to the station.  The train ride to Liverpool was about 2 hrs with stops in afew places.

We hoped across the road to the Holiday Inn to see if our room was ready. It was 1230p so we were not sure.  As the room was not, we dropped our bags off and caught the Hop n/Off bus to waste some time till it was.  There were some interesting sites enroute and decided to get off at Albert Dock for a wander.

We also found a few pubs that looked interesting and worth a visit.  With it almost 3p we headed back to the hotel for check-in, freshen up and head back out. We had a few pints at the Penny Farthing pub followed by a pint at The Cavern.


This is not the same Cavern for the Beatles but was set up the same.  This is definately a tourist spot..lol  Another drink found us at the Hard Days Night Hotel – this was a more boutique hotel.  As the night wore on we found a couple more pubs one called the Beehive, a place to people watch as it was on the walkway to the mall and another which we had heard alot of singing.. yes -karaoke at its finest.  We sat down, ordered a couple pints and took in the atmosphere.  The crowd did like their singing.  The songs were old 40s and 50s ballads with some really up tempo 60s and 80s stuff.  It was a brill night.  Off to the hotel for some snacks and a good sleep.

Friday –   This was a “when we get up, we get up morning”  The Beatles Exhibit and a wander along the Albert dock was on the agenda today.  The Beatles Exhibit was very good – even had posters of where Andy and I were in Hamburg. That was cool to see. It was also interesting to see how Cila Black, who passed away about a month ago, was very a singer in her own right as well as part of the Beatles world.  She was the coat check girl at the Cavern.


The next stop along Albert Dock was the Maritime Museum – was interesting as there was an exhibit on the Titanic.. there were displays of nautical equipment as well as dishes from the ship.

When on vacation you get a little thristy so as we made our way back to the hotel from the museums and dock Andy had wanted to check out The Globe Pub- he said it looked like it has character, and that it did.. very old and nautical.  We ended up chatting with an older gentleman who told us a few stories as well as the Coopers pub next door.  He said it was different so we decided to check it out.. and boy was it different.  Another session of karaoke as well as dancing in this little pub where people we crowded around the bar and sitting area.  We found two little stools at a table with “our new friends”.  Great people and great night.  We sang along, drank along and Andy even got hit on as I went to the bar for a round of drinks.  Was a nice way to end out visit in Liverpool.

We found that Liverpool has some really cool bars and fabulous people.  There seemed to be a common theme though, the people that were out in the pubs were of a more mature crowd.  The gentleman in the Globe had mentioned to us that they were all the same age as the Beatles were… so if you think about it.. Liverpool was place to be in the 60s..

Saturday – was a very lazy day as our train left for Blackpool and we were just across the street.  We headed to the train station at 11am which gave us plenty of time to find out platform.   The train ride was a a quick 1.5 hour and we were at our next vacation stop.  It was a very windy day and not the greatest day to leave my hair down.lol

It was a 20 min walk to the hotel and got to leave our bags once we got there but 3p check in when we could check in so a wandering we went.  We bought a couple of day passes and caught the tram to North Pier and walked along the rest of the Promenade.   Did not help that the wind was not dying down and the air off the sea was cold.  With the sunny breaks later in the afternoon the weather was not too bad.

After a lengthy wander in the wind we headed back to the hotel to check in and freshen up before heading out to see the Illumination lights..

The lights ran at least a couple of miles even past our hotel.

It was so very cool to see the seaside town all lite up and active with tram cars going back and forth with loads of people checking out the lights..

Was a long day and a great night.. a busy week as well.. Nite.

It was a very busy week from being in Germany, Swedan and then to Liverpool and Blackpool.  Guess I have to get it all in before the venture home. 🙁    There is still time to do things before the flight..  Till next week…


Have a great day.. Big Hugs with Love. xx