19 Week England 2015

September 13  to September 19

Sunday – Blackpool was so cool.    As the train back to Sheffield is late we had a slow morning. Frustrating a little as the signal for the TV was not coming through we missed out favorite Sunday TV show – BBC Gardners World. 🙁  Oh well I am sure the show has been recorded in Sheffield.   We took our time with our full English breakie and then headed off to the train station, walking along the promenade.  The wind had calmed down so it was a nice walk back.  The train ride was about 2 hrs long with a change of trains in Manchester- Picadilly station. Once we got to Sheffield we had a cancelled train and a change of platforms but managed to get back home around 3p.   It was time for a Chinese take-a-way for tea and unpack/laundry.  It was a busy week

Monday – Well 2 weeks to go before my flight home… so much to do.. As we have been away for a good week Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is very bare… so groceries was first on the “To Do”list.  I spent the rest of the day organizing a few things before getting ready to head out for a meal for Andy’s sister’s birthday at Bottom Red.  The meal was very good as well as the conversation and laughs.

Tuesday – Today was a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  There is an exhibit of the Poppies from the Tower of London display that was showing so we went to see it.  There were alot of other sculpures scattered around this BIG park.  Very surreal.

After a wander around the park we stopped for a coffee before heading for lunch to Blacker Hall Farm – really cool cafe.  There was fresh produce and meat being sold here as well.. nice way to end the day.

It was back to the house to see what Andy had been up to for the day.    After tea we settled in and watched a few films before turning in.

Wednesday – Mall day.  As it was expected to rain I headed to the mall to get a few things as well as meet up with Andy’s sister-in-law, Eny as I have not had a chance to visit with her.  I did my shop, had coffee and visit with Eny and got myself home.  The evening was a lazy one as the mall took a little out of me.. 🙂

Thursday – Well as I was behind on my blog – it was blog day.  There was also come fence panels that were being delivered so I waited for the delivery while Andy went out to get supplies for the new fencing.   The fencing arrived later morning so we had the afternoon to work on the fencing.  Well lets say that was our day.. Was fun to do and the weather held out till we were done.

With this little task down we had the evening to pack for the weekend in London.  There were a lot of tools that came with us in anticipation of a big job for the weekend.  Time will tell.

Friday- We headed off 9a (later than usual) decided to leave a little later and hope traffic would not be to crazy.  We meet up with Andy’s Mum and Pete as they were dropping a few things off at the house.  Giving Andy’s Mum a birthday hug and wish, we were off to London – last visit for a little while.  Traffic turned out to be not bad so we did the drive in the usual 3 ish hours.   We had a little lunch and they check out little project to see if we stopped the leak.  Turned out we had to redo a section but managed to get it all sorted and re-sealed.  As we had to let the seal dry a little rest and some TV was had.  We decided to head out for a few pints at the Blacksmiths, down the road.  Was a not bad pubs, a little pricey, but  was a change.  Was a nice night to share with Andy before my last week.  We were also meeting up with Ian and Sarah Saturday night so there would be no quiet.

Saturday – With a slower start to the day I decided to wander in search of some fabric in big old London as Andy staying at the house to finish a few little projects.  I did my good old Google search to find a few place for fabric in Soho on Berwick Street.  Yes – I was off to Soho. Who would of thought that 6 months ago I would I would be hoping the tube to Soho.. Well needless to say it took about 1 hr to get to my destination via Oxford Street station.  This was the best find once I found Berwick Street – there were about 7 shops for fabric down this street.  Was so cool.. it also turned out it was London Fashion week so this area was extra busy.  I did not see anyone famous but who know.. they could of been sitting infront of  me and I would not of noticed as I was still on my quest.   I wanted from Berwick Street to Wigman Street before finding the Bond Street tube station to head back home.  I did manage to get  a few more “token”t-shirts before say enough…lol   As we were heading out about 730p I had time for  a little snooze before getting ready and heading over to the Boatman Pub.  Great sing-a-long songs.  By 9pm the pub was packed and the band was in full swing.   This pub is one of the more traditional pubs – the locals were older and were out for the evening.  The gentleman in their suits and the ladies with their bling on and hair done.  You get a real sense that this was their night out to meet with friends and have a good visit.  Very proper.   Andy and I had a good visit with Ian and Sarah with a few pints and catch up.   We said good night to Ian and then off on the C10 to escort a very wobbley Sarah home before walking ourselves home.

Well this week was calmer than the week – was happy for that – not as tiring.

I am not looking forward to the week head.  So much to do, and the packing.. eekkkk.  Guess I will have to see if I will end up having to pay $70 for another bag or not.. 🙂

Fall must be upon Canada now.. Funny thing in England you dont see alot of trees turning color so it is very hard to think that it is almost the end of September.  I am sure when I arrive in Canada it will be very apparent.  For now I will stay in a green September.

Hugs with Love to all   xxx