England May 10 Departure day


Departure May 10 Edmonton, Alberta

Arrival May 11 Sheffield, England via Manchester.

The flight was great.  I left Edmonton via Vancouver to have the Air Canada Business class experience (Thanks Andy).  The food was great, the movies were fairly recent and the seats – loads of room.  You could actually have a good sleep in one.  Check out the bathroom.. could probably sleep in here if I wanted..lol


Made it to London Heathrow – now for Customs.. deep breath.  Got up to the Customs agent and then I felt like I was on an episode of Border Security.  Yup.. the questions began.. good think I read the UK Customs website and brought all the important documents with me.  Itinerary with return ticket, bank statements – to show I can support myself while here, and my letter from work saying I have a job. The Customs officer was good and understanding and did explain why she was asking the questions.  When I plan my trip to Sweden in the summer I will have to bring all the paperwork and updated statements with me again as I know I will go through the same questions.

I got my stamp on my passport and headed for security before trying to find my departure gate for Manchester.  Well there was another little hold up.. bags were being checked thoroughly ..and of course mine was one of them.  I could not figure out why and had to wait about 45 mins before I could get it checked as there was only one person checking bags.  My turn finally came and I felt like a real novice traveller as I had completely forgot about the 1L bottle of Amarula I had purchased at Duty free in Vancouver.  Yup… far cry from the 150ml you are allowed..lol   My saving grace was that it was in a clear bag unopened.. once that was out of the way I was on my way.   I had my chance to wonder around Terminal 5 before having a sandwich and locating the departure gate for my final leg of my journey.

It was a quick 50 min flight to Manchester to be greeted by my man, Andy.  We had a 30 min drive to Sheffield from Manchester.  I took in the sights along the way with a little chit chat about my flights and Customs encounter.

The rest of my night was spend with some Chinese takeaway and a little Telly and loads of cuddles.

I could take a deep breath… I was finally at my destination!


Greetings from the UK

Well I am here.

I have been planning this trip for a little while and now I am here.  It feels like I never left …after my trip at Christmas. lol.

I am looking forward to exploring this wonderful Island by myself and with my wonderful boyfriend.

Checking out the festivals, the history, and the landscape and a few train rides along the way.

I will try to update my blog once a week with little tidbits of knowledge and pix along the way.  So enjoy this blog..and if you have any comments or would like to touchbase, please feel free.

Let the adventure begin!

Hugs with Love!