England week 2 May 18 – May 23

We made our way to London Sunday night, where we had a little supper and headed to bed for an early start.¬† Andy was off for a meeting and I was left to my own devices. Bright and early… around 9am ūüôā I headed out to catch the 381 to the London Bridge tube station and then the Northern Line to Camden.

I did make my way there and¬†had my wander even though it was raining lightly.¬† Sat at a Chinese food both and took advantage of the free WFI and catch up with emails. I then set out to look for Shawn the sheep. ( a fundraiser for Children’s Hospitals) pix to be posted..

I caught the 381 bus via the grocery store for supper.¬† I ended up running into a neighbour of Andy’s who gave me a ride back to the house.. (lucky me..don’t think I could find the bus stop back..lol)

The next day ,Tuesday, was another early morning as we were off to Sudbury.  Andy had another meeting and I was left to wander the streets of Sudbury.

I did take a wander around and found some really nice old houses as well as a fabric mill.  Wished I had a pattern to sew so I could go fabric shopping.lol

oh yes there were a fair amount of seniors wandering around.. and they have their wheels decked out..lol

I did have a nice chat with the lady in the shop and then headed back to a café I noticed for some lunch.  I did make it back to the car before the rain started.  It did not last long but when it rained, it rained.


After Andy’s meeting we were on the road back to Sheffield.

It was scenic drive back… we hit rain off and on along the way…


Back in Sheffield … time to make dinner, unpack the car and get ready for another day.

Wednesday was a slow day .. not sure if the jet lag or road trip caught up with me..

Thursday¬†was a more productive day… headed out the check out the little shops down the road.. well more like a 30 min walk – a lot of hills, most were down ..thank goodness.¬†¬† Gave the garden a water and got tea ready for my hard working man.. <3.¬† After tea it was visit the Andy’s Mum’s house and then to the shops for groceries..

Friday – my day will be productive – garden, dust, and then off to the Cow and Calf for tea.¬† NOTE – Kent had an earthquake 4.1… maybe that is why I was off a couple days ago..

Not sure what is on the agenda for the weekend but I am sure a hike will be involved as long as it does not rain…

Hugs with Love… –

PS – cleaned out the garage… soon will be learning how to sell on Ebay.. lol


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