England week 3 May 24 to May 30

Well here we are at week 3 and I feel like I have not been here that long.   Yah I know… it is a long time for some.

Well started the week off with a Bank Holiday on Monday which was nice to have Andy around for the day.

The week has been windy with rain and has not been all that warm.  Highest temp is around 15C.  But wait for next week… supposed to warm greatly.

The gardening is coming along…


The next task is to get all the hedges trimmed.  Once that is done we start all over again with cutting grass and pulling weeds.  Fun fun…lol

It did rain a couple days in the morning which made  the day cool but by 4p it was nice to do some little things outside before it got dark.  The sunsets about 10pm here.. Makes it nice to longer nights.  The daylight starts at 4am here – did not think it rose that early in Alberta..

I did take a wander around the area and ended up meeting Shirley the Dressmaker, Donna at Thorpes Farm ( had flowers and fresh fruits) and Kevin the Butcher.  Plus I have a chat with the neighbours when they are out in their gardens.. Yes that did not take me long to “say hi” to the neighbourhood. lol

Had some shopping therapy at the shopping center- Meadowhall with Andy’s sister and friend.  Had a blast.  Did a little shopping, then had a coffee, did a little more shopping, then had lunch, did a little more shopping with a little more coffee with the final shop being at the Pound Store( yes the Dollar store) and then off for our tea to Meadow Farms.  The was a nice way to end a great shopping day.

The week ended with a night out with Andy and Pete to The Pack Horse pub and then to a Working Man’s Club.  No not that kind of club… lol.. a traditional blue color working man’s club.  This club was very nice with a cabaret style hall in the back – table and chairs set for two or four people.  Padded bench seats along the walls with tables and a few chairs for a group to gather..

The entertainment on Friday night was a duo called Fireworks.. they were good. Had their own light show and costume changes.. The Friday night ended with a walk home up a sloped hill … I will master that hill… lol or maybe I needed a few more pints..

The next day was a lazy morning with a trip to Barnsley market and a drive around the countryside.

Had a nice Sunday out with Andy’s fam to the Chadsworth Garden Centre for lunch and a look around the center.. Gardening is very big here..

Thus was my fun week here in the UK.

I am hoping the weather warms up a little .. tis chilly but Summer is not here yet so I cant complain..

Take care – Hugs with Love

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