England week 4 May 31 to Jun 6



This, my week 4 in the UK brought a slower week as I spent most of it gardening and keeping warm as the winds were still on the cooler side.

To start the Sunday off  I had a trip to the Chatsworth garden center for lunch with Andy’s Mum, sister and S.Dad.   Was very nice spending time with them and enjoying good food.  As the garden centres, here are like Holes Green House in St. Albert so there is a lot of see and buy.   I am always looking for something different for the back garden. I finally planted my flowers which I purchased the week before.  Marigolds and amoelia planned in the front with Petunias and the rest of the marigolds in the back.

To my dismay by the end of the week the slugs had  eaten the leaves of the marigolds.  Now I understand the power of slug pellets  arggg.. My feet received a well deserved pedicure.  The session was not done in the usual chair and hacking of dead skin with a blade but was sat in a chair to put my feet in a wooden bowl with rose petals then laid on a bed to sleep (if I choose) and had my dead skin filed off.  Was an interesting way to take away dead skin.  I also found out that if there was any bladed being used on your feet it would be done by a podiatrist… Now with the feet happy I can begin my wander around.


I did do a little wander with Andy’s Mum and sister.  We went to a really nice garden center for lunch and then a had a little a stroll around Cannon Hall with the beautiful gardens.  The history in this hall is so amazing.



I did another trek around the area of Chapeltown (where I am staying).  I found there are a lot of hills but even with the hills it did not take long at all the get to the train station and to quite a few shops.

The next day I headed to Sheffield downtown for a little wander and a visit to the Moors Market.  I stopped at Cathedral Square  which was where I could catch the Tram to Meadowhall Mall or the bus back to the house.


I did some wandering around and I did find the Moor Market.  Not too much for any bargins but there was still another market to check out.


Pictures from downtown Sheffield

There was a visit to Millenium Gallery in the Winter Garden (a covered walk way).  There were a number of different exhibits… paintings, pictures and a metals works exhibit.  All very interesting.


The rest of the week was spent around the garden and chilling a little as we were heading to London to sort the garden and see what is happening around London.

We went to Borough Market and then had a little bevie and bread and butter at this cool French Bistro near Tower Bridge.  Was nice to chill and see the hustle and bustle of the market above.



We managed to get the garden sorted and have time to enjoy a squirrel and magpie fight in the trees.  This was a busy weekend but a productive one.

Headed back to Sheffield to start a new week of gardening and adventure.

It does not seem that I have been here all that long but the calendar tells me otherwise….

Hope everyone is well…. Be well


Big Hugs with Love..x



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