England week 5 June 7 to June 13

This week was a half and half week.. gardening and a little touring around.

The gardens at the London house were done… looking pretty good I’d say.

The drive back to Sheffield after a wonderful weekend in London was a 3 hours journey but seemed to go quite quickly.

A new week for some transplanting of a couple climbing plants. One in the front garden and the other two in the back.  Fingers crossed they will do well.  The weather has gotten a little warmer but hoping for some rays this week.

A trip to Barnsley market on the train was made on Tuesday.

There were a lot of vendors – a little something for everyone.  I managed to get a few things and had some lunch and headed back to Sheffield.  There is an Asda grocery store next to the station so I could run in and grab a few things for tea.

Wednesday and Thursday during the day was spent with a little walking around Chapeltown – some hills and more hills.. lol  I am slowly starting to get to know the area.  There were visits to the B&Q to get some gardening material and a a couple handing baskets.. they look pretty good- if I don’t say …


As well as trip on Thursday late morning to JTF – cross between Costco and Walmart with Andy’s parents.  A nice fish and chip dish was had after for lunch. Yum…

And to be a little adventurous I found a cycle class to take.. yes it is one the road and down trails.. was fun and free.  Was a little scared at first as I was to drive on the road but with a little instruction and pedalling I managed until we got on the trail.  Since I was the only one there at 930 am it was like a private lesson.. I had never had private lessons before so this was treat.  The pedal was for 45 mins and I did get my sweat one..lol  Was worth it though.  I think I will try it again next week.

Friday was a nice day as the weather had gotten nicer during the week and the showers were sure to follow so I tried do to as much maintenance in the garden as I could before the rains came.  The evening was spent having a few pints at the Pack Horse, The Queens Head and the Working Mens’ Club where I played around of bingo.. even got my own dabber.. lol

The Saturday was a rainy one so we cleaned house, washed clothes, visit with the fam and headed to the shops for a quiet but busy day…

a few pix from the garden .. not too many pix this week.. having a little technical difficulty uploaded.. Please check back in a couple days.. will add in the headed if new pix have been uploaded..


Hope everyone is well  .. Take Care .. Hugs with Love..




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