England week 6 June 14 to June 20

This week is the start of weeks getting busy.

I tried a new a recipe with egg, bacon and bread bake on Sunday.  It was very tasty… The rest of the day was a quiet one.  Decided to do a little trek with Andy’s sister which turned out to be a 3 hours venture.  The walk had different terrain and a number of hills and scenery.

Monday was a chill day and a certain someone had a sick day so we spent it going to the pictures and saw the movie”Spy” very funny movie.  A few were laughing at me I was laughing so hard.. but that is the usual.  Love to laugh…

Tuesday was Happy Anniversary for Andy’s Mom-Margaret and S.Dad Pete – as Pete had to work his sister and I took his Mom to the Wentworth Garden centre for lunch.  We also wandered through a few antique shops.  I bought a new pendant and a little pitcher( was a neat piece).  We bought this little something for their Anniversary.

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Wednesday was a little Asda shop day in Chapeltown.  It was a little slow of a day… the garden was watered in the evening.  The flowers are starting to show blossoms.  Very satisfying to see this.

Thursday was action day.  I went to my bike group in the morning but it turned out that there was a breakdown in communication with the trainer and the office… I did an hour riding the bike in the guy with another gal  as she is learning to ride a bike to ride with her son.  After that I went for a 1 hr bike ride on the trails with the instructor.  Was a good workout.  I did head back to the house and had a rest, got tea ready and then went to an aerobics class with Debs.  That was good class.  So to work out of the lactacid Debs and I went for an hour walk… very beautiful scenery….


Friday was a day for gardening… trimming hedges, weeding, watering flowers and cut grass.  Had a brief chat with the neighbour and discussed flowers and his new wall building project.  There was also a little packing for the trip to Leeds for the 80’s concert.  Looking forward to that..  A grocery shop was also done so the frig was ready for next weeks meals.

Saturday — concert day.  It was a slow morning getting ready to head to Leeds for the big 80s Concert… It started raining before we left and kept lightly raining until we got to Leeds.  With a quick walk from the hotel to the train station, where the buses left from, to the venue- Temple Newsum.. The venue was very nice.  The set up was similar to Gallagher Hill – main stage Folkfest.   When we go to the site The Beat was wrapping up.  The other bands that we saw were Heaven 17, Betty Boop, Sonia, GO West, Rick Astley and Tom Bailey.  Rick Astley did a great job.  really enjoyed his set… The line after the concert for the taxies were very long but eventally got a ride back into town for a good night sleep.

Was very well worth the trip to Leeds.. will have to make a trip back to check out Temple Newsum as this is a Hall that used to be a working home way back when.


Hugs with Love…. D

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