England week 7 June 21 to June 27

Well this week starts off with Fathers Day.

Sunday was a drive back from Leeds for a family dinner out at the Fox House Pub.  Was a very nice pub.  Very old traditional.  There was alot of seating for diners as well as a little area at the bar to have a pint or two.


The meal was very good and we had a good visit with the fam.   We drove through the countryside and I took a few pix.  The rest of the day was unpack and get ready for another busy week.


Monday was a little different start to the week as I hope the train to Wakefield.  I just decided that it would a be a good place to start my “hop on the train and check out  this place”.  Wakefield is a nice town with old buildings in with new.  Not too much crazy traffic and has a free hop-on hop-off bus which I used when the rain started.  I spent a couple hours wandering around the town before it was time to head back to Sheffield.  I did manage to catch the right train …lol


Tuesday was the busy day -heading to Manchester to check out the Coronation Street tour at the studio.  This was an early start with to catch the train from Chapeltown to Sheffield station then to wait for the Manchester train.  I did give myself plenty of time to make my connections and enjoy the train rides.  Once I go to Manchester it was finding the free hop on/ off bus stop to get to the ITV studio for the tour.  I did manage to get on the bus where a few other people were heading for the tour.. I just followed them.. Yah they did think I was stalking them but once I introduced myself and explained that I was going to the same place they were.. all was good.. We had a good chat before they had to take their tour.. I was early so I got to have a little beverage in the cafe.   The tour was very good and was really neat to see the sets and see how small the areas actually are.  Once the tour reached the Street .. we got to take all the pix we wanted.. The studio had not had any tapings of Coronation Street for almost a year.  I did have time after my wander around The Street to check out the MOSI.  It is a museum of Science and Industry.   A real cool place to check out.. My day ended at 8p.  Andy had offered to pick me up at the train station in Chapeltown but I was already on the bus back to the house… Was a long day but worth it.



Wednesday was a slow day as I think I was in overload from the day before.  I did used the day to transplant some tomato plants that Andy’s friend Sarah had given us.  I was very surprised how fast the plants had grown.. I do hope we get a good crop of tomatoes.

Thursday was Bike Club…. I was still not feeling right so I did do participate with the ride with Denise and Victoria (the gals who are learing and refreshing their biking skills).  It  was good to ride  around the gym and not have to worry about traffic and it was very cool there.  I got back to the house and go ready to pack my suitcase for my 2 week stay in London.  I was not sure what the weather was going to be like so I took a little of everything.  I was very much looking foreward to the concert on Friday.  Andy got in, we had tea and got on the road.  We made it into London around 10p. London, eastside, where his house is and traffic was still very happening.  It was time to unpack, have a tea and crash.

Friday – The Who concert day….

The house was very warm so I knew it was going to be a hot day.. was going to be a 25C .. yikes considering the last couple weeks in Sheffield the weather was 15C to 18C..   Before we headed to the concert we took a run to Tesco to get me groceries for the week and if I needed fresh fruit or veggies I could take a run to the market or Tesco during the week.    We headed off for Hyde Park around 1p, took the 381 to Bermondsey Stn.  On our way the bus hit  a car as the bus was trying to get around the slow mover.. well that ment for us .. get off and walk to the station.. which we did.    The tube ride took us to Hyde corner where we walked to Hyde Park.  We were both surprised what we got for the price of our ticket.. Terrace Garden area.. I was spoiled as I got a wristband and concert Tshirt to a special area where there were wicker couches and chairs to sit.  Private bathrooms and a separate area from the rest of the crowd.. I was spoiled… Thanks Mr Mac. xx   We found a shaddy spot in front of some big screens side stage where we stayed for the whole time.  It was very surreal to see so many people at this concert.  There were modesters to see The Who … It was a very special occasion for music.    Andy and I made a few new friends along the way.  It was a great day.  We did leave before the masses and was home in about an hour, in time to have a snack, tea and bed.

We saw at this concert : Gaz Commbs, Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller and The Who.

Saturday was the start of 2 weeks of being without Andy in London.  His friends Sarah, Ian and Suzie are around if I fancy some company, a wander around to a pub for a pint or if I get lost… I am looking forward to wander the streets of London and checking out all.

I did end up meeting Sarah for a visit and a few ciders ( yes Aline I am a fan..lol) at The Angel by the Thames. Was a great night.  Caught the C10 bus with Sarah and wandered home.



Hope you have enjoyed my experiences this week.. more to come..


Hugs with Love…. D

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