10 Week England 2015

July 12 to July 18

Sunday – Well the start of a new week and it is a lazy one.  I have to pack up my suitcase with all my new souvenirs  and a few bits and bobs I purchased on my 2 weeks out and about in London.   We have to get the house cleaned up and water the bamboo plants until our return to London, which wont be for a couple of weeks.

Andy and I decided to have a good lazy about and leave London when most of the Sunday traffic had died down,, 7pm it is.. arriving in Sheffield around 1030pm ish.  Was a nice day – weather was not too hot and there was a nice breeze * sigh *

Had to have a quick look at my plants and see what flowers were blooming… the garden looked good. 🙂

Monday- Well it is back to Sheffield with my Sweetie…. It was the usual routine.  Check out bills, check email, water plants, do the grocery shop, and back to cook some supper.  Yes it was a very calm day – just getting back into my Sheffield groove… 🙂

Tuesday – Was planning a very low key day when I received a text from Andy’s sister and Mum for a lunch date date Garden Center restaurant.  That was a wonderful surprise and I excited to catch up with them.  We had a good visit and lunch was very yummy.  The view from this garden center was on top of a hill overlooking the valley of green.

We later headed by to Andy’s Mum’s house for a tea in the backyard.  Was nice to sit back and enjoy the day.  It was a very relaxing day and nice way to start the week.    The evening flower watering ritual has begun.  Happy flowers, happy garden..When I got home Andy suggested a walk down to the Chapeltown Working Man’s Club ( The Club).  He also added they play Bingo on Tuesday.. so I was in for it.. Was a nice evening and guess who won… Yup me.. not a crazy amount.. 5 pounds but an amount none the less.. lol  Was an nice way to end the day..

Wednesday –   I had seen on TV that there was the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate (like a big 4H show- but bigger) and had decided to book a train and get tickets when I get there.  This was the start to my day – get that booked and researched to start another Yorkshire adventure.  My train was departing at 718 am and I was going to make a full day of it and catch the 8 p train back.  It will take about 1.5 to 2 hrs to get there – depending on the train and if there are delays.. With that decided and booked I went out to see what garden maintenance was needed.  It was not too bad – the usual – cut the grass, pull out weeds, water the wilting..lol  Garden is looking good.

Thursday – Yorkshire Show Day

Was up bright and early ( 6 am) and ready to go by 7a so that Andy could drop me off at the Chapeltown train station to catch my train. I would getting the train from Chapeltown to Leeds, change trains and head to Harrogate.  The train ride did go quite quickly considering we did make stops at different towns along the way.  Once I got to Harrogate I walked over to the bus station where there was a free shuttle to the Show.  I had read that if you were an International visitor you could upgrade your ticket to a VIP (Members) area ticket.  And guess what I did??? lol  100_8505

It did take me a little to find the building where I was to register at but once that was done, I was in..!

I had a tea and biscuits to chill and plan my attack on the event in the visitors area… and then I was off.


The show was very much like Farm Fair or a 4H event in Canada but just on a larger scale.. I could not believe how many breds of cattle they were showing here.  The vendors selling clothes and crafts were insane.  The one thing I found very interesting was that they had 4 teams of  Fox Hunting teams yes with the dogs.   Now Fox Hunting is very sensitive subject here now as the hunting teams allow the dogs to tear and mange the fox once they catch it.   This is very different in Canada as when an animal(moose, deer, elk) is hunted it is killed for food and you need a license to do so.  Here not so much. None the less I found this display of animals and rider interesting as I guess I have not seen this display before.. one for the books.

There was another horse competition I found enjoyable, the Scurry horse race.  This is a team of little ponies pulling a wagon with a driver and a person behind to steer the wagon as the horses gallop threw pilons to attain the best time..  This event reminded me of when we go sledding in the winter and your passenger has to lean when you lean as you turn, not to tip over.  Guess it is the same concept,, good event though.


The other main event in center ring was the Cattle Parade. This was a showing of all the cattle that won 1st place to 3rd place in the different breds.. Holy crap there were alot of cattle.. will have to get some pix resized and post later.

It was a very busy day with so much to take in.   I did stay until about 6pm to make the most of the Show.  I did catch the shuttle back to the bus station where I had some time to kill before catching my train back to Chapeltown from Leeds.  I did a little wander and then I chilled out at a Cafe Nero with a mocha and sandwich before heading back.

Andy was at the train station to meet me and give me a ride home after a long day at the Great Yorkshire Show.. well worth the money!

Friday – as I had a long day yesterday today was very low key.  The normal tending garden, errands to the shops and also a quick enquiry to a few hair salons for a little hair maintenance… lucky me found a 930am Saturday appointment.. yah!    Once Andy was home and we were fed we headed over to  The Club.  I played my bingo – the game

Saturday –  as any Saturday is in the summer it is the day for garden duty.  There were a few things that we wanted to get done and with a survey of the front and back garden we had out list for the B&Q.  We returned with compost, wood boards, divertors for the eaves troughs and a water butt.  Now to get the chorse done before the rain.   We did manage to all done and then a litle more .  Some grass needed to be taken out so we could put some concrete block down to extend our little patio area.. I do like how it looks.

The rain never came which was nice as we could finish the projects.   As a treat for our supper we ordered Chinese take away.. was the first time we had take away since I was here.. yum!  With our supper in had we found a film to watch and called it a night.


Has been a very productive week.  Plants are all happy and hoping for the tomato plants to start blooming.  Now is to plan for the trip to Wales next week.   Will have to work on trips to Liverpool, Blackpool and Gottenburg Swedan..

Hope everyone is well and has their tan on… !

Big Hugs with Love. xx









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