11 Week England 2015

July 19 to July 25

This week was not too busy as it was the prep week for a week in South Wales…

Sunday – a lazy Sunday was had.  With the weather being nice I did a little clean up in the garden.  Dead heading and watering my little ones..   The summer flowers are starting to come out now.. most of all the roses.  A visit to the B&Q for some bits for the garden ended the Sunday.  The evening was enjoyable sitting in the yard enjoying the nice evening and pretty flowers.


Monday – as my usual process..doing paperwork and checking my emails was the start to my day.  The garden being my second.. lol.  I did a little inspection of the front yard to see what snails and slugs had come to visit.. do a little watering.  I also did some research and booking for Liverpool and Blackpool.  You dont think that the rearch would take a long time but it does.. the prices vary depending of time of day and days of the week.. I narrowed the prices down .. just a quick dicussion with Andy and I can book some of my train ventures.  With the afternoon going by quickly tea time came around and a stir fry was made.  To end the evening a putter in the calm garden and a beautful sun set.

Tuesday – not a real challenging day.  Made the train bookings for a trip to London after Wales, Liverpool in September and a few train tickets from Chapeltown to Sheffield Station.. cheaper when you buy early.   Got my things ready for a bike ride on the Monsail train A sit down outside after tea was the end to another day.

Wednesday – Bike Day! – was ready to head out for 10a pick up.   The Bike posie was Pete, Debs, Olivia and James (a few of Andy’s fam) and I.  We rented our bikes and helmets when we go to the train. This train was an old train track which was converted to a paved and gravel path for walkers, pedal bikes and horse riders.  We stopped after a little ride and had a little bite to eat.  After we had a little rest we all pedalled on for about a half hour – in that time the rain started.   Glad we all had our rain gear.   We kept on for about another half hour and headed back. We had a good time none the less.  Headed back to Andy’s Mum’s house for some lunch and hot chocolate.  It rained off and on the rest of the day.   Was nice to sit on the sette and watch a movie to end the evening.

Thursday – today was getting things ready for our trip to Wales.   Headed out to the shops for supplies to take with us and have when we get back.

Friday – Pack day –   We decided that we were going to leave early Saturday morning so I did not have to be packed until the evening.   With a clean around the house and a checking the garden to make sure that all the little plants have enough water.  We had a quiet night with a movie and early night.

Saturday – Vacation to Wales day – This was an early start. Up at 5am and out the door and on the rode by 630am.  There was not alot of traffic on the road until we were past Manchester.

We had a stop in Aberaeron, Wales around 1030am.  This was a cool seaside town which was quite busy.  We had  a little break and walk around before heading on the Newport where we had booked out cottage.

The scenery was incredible.  It reminded me alot of being in Jasper or British Columbia.

Since we arrived in Newport by 12N we decided to drive on to St. David’s and David’s Head where we did a little hike for an hour.  A coffee/tea and ice-cream was had after our hike.  This put us at time to head back to Newport to find our cottage and collect the keys.


one of the views from our cottage.






We found our Blaenpant Cottage and realized that the walk up the hill was a “walk up hill”.  Will be a challenge but a good one..  🙂

Mr and Mrs Davies were hosts.  The invited us in for tea and cake and a chat before getting a tour of the cottage.  It turns out that the cottage was part of Mrs Davies orginal house where she grew up as a girl.   Mr Davies took us around and showed us the house and showed us where everything was.  Andy and I brought our bags and supplies in, had a little rest, freshen up and then out to check out the town and pubs.

The trek back to the cottage was a little challenge as the walk up the hill took us 25 mins. Yes … it took that long.   We made the time to get up the hill a challenge to get better by the end of the week.

It was a long day but a good one as we were on holidays now..

Here is to the adventure  for the next week…


Hope all is well with everyone…

Big Hugs with Love..  xx



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