08 Week England 2015

June 28 to July 04

Well Hello London..

Sunday was spend doing a little wander around the area and familiarizing myself with the roads and landmarks.  I found the Surrey Quay shopping mall where I bought a few things and then grabbed a nap before I meet up with Sarah and Ian at the Ship Aground for an afternoon bevie.  We did also check out the “new” Gregorian as it is under new management.  We did try to figure out the type of clientèle the new owners were going for and decided it was the University crowd and if the old regulars came back it would be a bonus.  I was home for supper which consisted of turkey stir fry.. yum .. Watched some TV and headed for bed.. a new day Monday to plan my week. Monday was a day I wanted to get all my paper work done.. blog, bills and just being in the moment in London.. I might do a wander over to the Tourist info centre by Tower Bridge to get some passes and maps for the tourist stuff.   Andy messaged to check how I was doing on my own.. so sweet..  I did manage to do a little wandering and that took me to the westside of South Bank to Lambeth Bridge.  Was done for the day so I hoped the C10 which brought me home but the long way.. one thing though I did get to see a little of the area…lol

Tuesday was City tour day.  Decided to get a Hop on Hop off from Original tours and get a perspective of the BIG London city… spent the whole day riding around on the bus to different areas.. Called Mom and Dad for their Anniversary.  Wandered home around 9p..a very full day.  The architecture is something that can not be described. Wednesday – Happy Canada Day! Did another little tour around with the Original tour and then wander to get to Convent Garden to the Maple Leaf for a Coors Lite.  Was too hot to hang around the Maple Leaf as it was 33C (this was the hotest day in a number of years).  I was off to meet Andy’s friends (Sarah, Ian and Chabel for a pint at the Adam and Eve pub at St. James.  I am really getting good at getting around on the Tube.  The directions thorough me a little but I am managing.

Thursday lead to a quiet day as it was still on the hot side.  I did ride the tube a little and got to know the Jubilee line a little more… The evening was also spent getting ready for the big train ride to Brighton.

Friday began as an early day – wake up at 6am to catch the bus to CANADA WATER tube station, rode the Jubliee Line to GREEN PARK then got on the CIRCLE LINE to VICTORIA station where I caught the Southern Rail to Brighton.  The ride to Brighton was about 1 hour.  Brighton is a beach town with a cool pier.  There are sights to see and shopping to be had.  I took the hop on hop off bus with took a drive around Brighton for about 45 mins.  This gave me a chance to get to know where I wanted to go.   I did walk the pier, wandered the old streets of Brighton and ended with a little time on the beach to take in the last of the sun before I had to leave at 8p.   Once I got back to Victoria station from Brighton I had to ride the tube with the line transfers back home.

Saturday was a slow morning with a clean up around the house and a slow trip by the Thames Clipper ride to Greenwich to check out the Greenwich Market.. was a busy place.  Note to self.. do not go to markets on Saturday-too many tourists…lol    I did wander over to the Bermondsey Carnival that was not too far away.  Steve Harley was the evening act.  He remade George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” song in 1974.   Sarah meet me there for a cidar and some conversation.  We were kicked out of the park by 8p so we made our way to The Boatman Pub for a few more and an early night..  Grab the good old 381 and it was home we go..

I will have pix of Greenwich next week as I spent a half day at the Observatory. This was week one of my two weeks in London by myself.  Andy had to head back to Sheffield for work.  It was a little to get used to where everything was but with the help of Andy (texting me directions) and Sarah meeting up with me through out the week – I seemed to manage alright.  The heat the middle of the week was the tough part.

Until week 2 in London…

Take care Big Hugs with Love – hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.. . Thanks for being so patient while I am a little tardy with my post … so much to do so little time.. lol

Be Good to yourself.. Cheers!

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