09 Week England 2015

July 5 to July 11

Week 2 on my own in London and it has not fallen down..lol

Sunday was a little trip to Petticoat Lane Market.. This is place is all clothes and some souvenirs.  You actually have to visit this market to truly experience this market.  If you get here early you get a real sense of “shoppers”.  There seem to be a lot of people that do their regular shopping here.  I did manage to get a 2 sundresses for 5 pounds.  There were so many really cheap and nice looking articles I could of bought but the fact that I would have to carry it back to Sheffield and then back to Canada stopped me..

Later in the afternoon I meet up with Sarah and we had a few cidars and chatted in Potters Field until it looked like the rain was going to come down.  I had a nice chat about my plans for the week with Andy and then a chill before heading to bed to begin week 2 in London.

Monday was the usual ” how much is the VISA bill this week”..lol  Once I got the paperwork sorted, breakfast dishes done and the ritual bamboo plant watering done I was ready to head out to Greenwich to check out the observatory via the Thames Clipper.  Today was the day I was going to ride the Thames River for a change of pace.

Once I got to the Observatory there was a bit of hill to walk.  I am glad that I had walked the hills of Sheffield, great training.  I managed to walk the hill without stopping, yes I there was bit of a grade to this hill.

The observatory was very interesting. The Merdian Prime is here.  This is where North and South are clearly indicated.

After I had my brain full of knowledge from the observatory I hoped on the Thames Clipper to a boat ride up and down the Thames.  I also ended going for a little longer ride after the North Greenwich stop.


It also turned out that a few others did the same. The Clipper crew took us back to the North Greenwich stop where we just caught the Jubilee line to Canada Water where I walked home.  Was a nice night so it was ok to walk.

Tuesday – Museum Day..Victoria and Albert Museum

This museum was very overwhelming as there is so much here.  I also did attain a ticket for the Alexander McQueen exhibit.  His designs were very BIG and avante garde.  This exhibit was amazing as these outifits were on the runways of Milan, Paris and London.   (no pix were taken – a no no).  I spend a little more time wandering around the museum but had to call it a day when the school kids keeping surfacing..lol

I did head over to Hyde Park for some chill out time after the overwhelming day in the museum.  I people watched and had a little snack to pass the time of “rush hour” away.  After about an hour I hoped the tube to Trafalgar Square.  I was surprised how busy the area was at 7pm.  This is where I decided to grab a water and watch the craziness of tourists and commuters go by.   In that time I called home and chatted with Mom and Dad as I had time to.  Was very surreal to hear that it was morning there where it was evening for me.  I decided to head back to the house around 830p via a walk over Jubilee Bridge to catch the 381 bus home.

Another adventurous day..

NOTE- tube drivers were going on strike from Wed 6p for 24 hours… yah me..lol

Thursday – this was an early start to meet up with Cousin Jen and her friend Ang at Victoria station.  Since the tube was on I caught the C10 to Victoria Train Station.  This was an interesting 2hour ride as it would normally take 45 mins.  I watched as the bus driver could only let on so many people or just drove past stops as the bus was very full.  I managed to get  a seat so I was ok there were others who stood most of the ride.    Once I got off the bus I found a landmark to let Jen and Ang know where I was.  I chose the best building – The Shakespeare Pub. (of course).  They had no problem finding me and we were off to Camden Market for a canal boat ride and a wander in the Stable market.  The canal ride was very leisure and relaxing.  Now time for lunch- there was so much to chose from but we all found nourishment.    A little wander around the market and we were off to find a bus that took us by the Thames River.

As I go with what I know.. Waterloo Train station was my ‘go to point’.   We did locate the correct bus to take after Jen had pointed out the stop we needed.. not sure why but I always seem to have a hard time locating streets..none the less we waited for bus.  The bus finally arrived and we were excited to get going.  There was a little hiccup as the bus driver did not take cash/sell tickets, my bus card only took one transaction per ride and my credit card could only tap once for a ticket I had Ang and Jen together I would catch the next bus to meet them at Waterloo station.  It turned out that the next bus which took 15 mins to arrive but caught up quite quickly with their bus as traffic was quite slow.  (yah tube strike – as this was the alternate travel for most Londoners).

We got to Waterloo and wander around with our destination being Trafalgar Square.  We had a little people watch while we were there.. and then head to catch our next bus which took forever.. but I should of know..lol







We headed to the Shakespeare Pub for some dinner and beers after our adventurous day. There was a cool pizza and beer joint in the basement of the pub.  The pub had alcoves with archways where there were tables and chairs for dining.  The pizza was very good and the beers tasted excellent.  After food, drink and good conversation to wrap up the day we figured out the stop of my C10 bus back home which took forever.  Thanks to Jen and  Ang for her patience while I waited for my bus.  Jen stayed with me until my bus came then she headed back to her hotel.. (appreciate the waiting with as it took what seemed like forever).  I did get home an hour later… yes it was a long day…

It was my pleasure to show Jen and Ang around – wish was more time … I could showed them alot more..lol next time Bourgh Market…








Friday – was a chill day as the night before was a very long day.  I had a nice sleep in with a relaxed breakfast watching the squirrels and pigeons in the backyard.    I did take a little wander around Bermondey Street to see if I could find the leather shop I had walked passed a couple of days ago, with no avail.  I did take another pop into the glass blowing studio and watched the artist create beautiful art out of glass.  I walked down a couple streets and found this beautiful flower garden before nipping into Tescos for a few things for tea and breakie for the weekend.

Andy arrived early evening and we had a lovely evening having a few pints at the Boatman Pub.  There was a sing a long and a few surprise singers from the audience.

Was a good night and I was happy to see Andy after 2 week of not being around.

Saturday – a very quiet day as Andy did some studies and I got my blog caught up and made lunch.  We did head out in the evening to meet up with Sarah.  We did a little pub crawl in the neighborhood to the Boatman, Adam and Eve pubs.  On the way home there was an accident where someone hit a delivery bike.. was not a nice sight.. Hope the guys is ok,… The road was cut off and we had to walk home.  It was a nice night and we were almost home before it started to rain..

Another good night …

This was a good 2 weeks in London .. so much to see and do… with that comes a big visa bill…lol..

Hope everyone is well and is enjoying the summer… Until next week

Big Hugs with Love!



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